Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

The Top 13 Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

Hold on! If you have the best ping pong table but do not have the best ping pong paddle,best ping pong paddle

Then you are doing wrong with yourself. The best ping pong paddle can take your level of play from standard to unprecedented.

The way it fits in your grasp, the plan of the handle and even the kind of elastic utilized at first glance would all be able to change how you hit the ball and where the ball goes.

Regardless of whether you call it a table tennis cutting edge, paddle, racket, racquet, oar or bat, one thing is sure you can’t play the round of table tennis without these.

Despite the fact that picking the best table tennis oar has a great deal to do with individual style and inclination, there are sure brands that will surrender you a leg on the opposition regardless of your expertise or experience level.

We explored various extraordinary models from top producers. Before the finish of this best ping pong paddle review, you’ll know the most flawlessly awesome oar for you and your needs, where to get it, and what’s in store for it.

List Of Top 13 Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviews

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Summary Of The Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

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Ultimate Buying Guide To Help You Chose The Best Ping Pong Paddle

There is a lot of things of best ping pong paddle includes the guide. Elements, grips & types of handles, blades, rubber, on the other hand, in basic playing style, power, control, spin then maintenance and cleaning and many other things, you have to know before buying the best ping pong paddle. Confusing? Don’t worry! We give you a simple and smart guide that you can choose the best ping pong paddle for you.


Most of the paddles have same types of elements. The main elements are:

  1. The top sheet is the elastic material that is utilized on the furthest layer of the elastic sandwich. This sandwich is the thing that makes up the piece of the oar that you use to hit the ball with. There are two sides: turn around elastic and pimpled. Contingent upon your playing style, fluctuating the thickness and material sort will help upgrade your amusement.
  2. The sponge is the material that goes with the elastic sandwich. As indicated by the official principles, the elastic sandwich thickness must not be more noteworthy than 4mm. Similarly, as with the best sheet, shifting the thickness and material will change your diversion and relies upon your own inclinations.
  3. The blade is the wood focus piece that incorporates the handle. There are four major factors that make up the edge: material sort, thickness, weight, and head shape.
  4. The handle is in fact considered a piece of the sharp edge, but since it is such a critical piece of the oar, I chose to give this its own particular segment. There are many sorts of handles that fluctuate by shape, estimate, and even left/right introduction.


On top sheet the main part is rubbers. These coats the leader of the oar and go about as the contact moment that players are striking.

Lest we first talk about rubbers in our best ping pong paddle review

Maximum ping pong paddle these days have a head that is secured on the two sides by elastic. Numerous J-Pens are just secured on one side because of the trouble of changing from forehand to strike. In any case, those are the exemption. Players are permitted to apply an alternate sort of elastic to each side with a specific end goal to utilize distinctive strategies, for example, blocking or circling, which are two altogether different shots and require diverse rubbers.

In those days, players would cover the two sides with a similar shading elastic, by and large red. Because of twiddling, it was hard for adversaries to translate which system players would use on their next shot, which made it by difficult to return shots. To make the amusement more focused, the guidelines were changed with the goal that each side needed to utilize an alternate shading.

Another approach to keeping the diversion focused, this can be contrasted with the weight class framework utilized as a part of boxing. Enabling players to utilize such changing thicknesses implied that diversion styles would be fiercely extraordinary. This is another approach to keep the game focused.

Picking the sponge

In the middle of the sharp edge and elastic is a wipe layer between 1.2 mm to 2.5 mm thick. A thin wipe gives you better control while a thick one creates more speed yet little control.

Recreational players can, in any case, purchase pre-made ping pong paddles for their benefit as these are progressively produced utilizing excellent materials. Be that as it may, in the event that you are considering enhancing your diversion, putting resources into a custom racket is savvier over the long haul since it is less demanding to supplant rubbers as your aptitudes create.


Now, lest we talk about blades in best ping pong paddle. There are different types of ping pong blades and they have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Blades must be made of no less than 85% characteristic wood According to official tenets. Numerous cutting edges are made with all regular wood and others are made of composite materials. Since wood is constantly one of a kind as far as grain and thickness, each paddle is thusly characteristically unique. Blades are frequently made with composite materials to make a lighter and, henceforth, quicker blades and to make a greater sweet spot on the leader of the paddle, considering more edge for the mistake, which can assist monstrously with a game so tremendously subject to speed.

Notwithstanding wood and composite, there is another factor that is genuinely essential: blade handles. Cutting blades are made of handles, more often than not somewhere close to five to seven. The less number of handles of wood, the greater adaptability the wood has, which expands control and declines speed. Furthermore, that implies that on the inverse end, the higher the quantity of employ of wood,  the more solid the paddle is, which consequently builds speed and declines control.

Cutting blades thickness Effect on Performance

The rationale that applies to the quantity of employ additionally applies to the thickness. The thicker the sharp blades, the stiffer the cutting edge is, which builds speed and abatements control. Thicker cutting blades are utilized by players who are extremely hostile and don’t make utilization of circling, which is a substantial topspin that powers the ping pong ball to turn toward the table quickly. Then again, the slenderer the cutting blade, the more control the player has and the slower the speed.

Cutting blades Weight Effect on Performance

The heaviness of the cutting blade immense affects the execution of best ping pong paddle.

With a lighter cutting blade, it is less demanding for players to move their hand into position to strike the ping pong ball. With that extra speed, light paddles are extraordinary for players who play near the table and along these lines need to get into position speedier to use their wrist.

With a heavier cutting blade, players respond a bit slower to shots. In this way, overwhelming cutting blades ought to be utilized by players who play facilitate far from the table and need the additional weight to drive the ball the additional separation. Moreover, heavier sharp edges take into account more control and enhance a player’s capacity to add the turn to the ball. Besides, it enables players to add more energy to the ball.

Sharp blade Shape Effect on Performance

There are two general shapes in the ping pong world which we’re gonna explain in this best ping pong paddle review

  1. Because of the shape, round oars have a bigger sweet spot. As talked about above with how composite materials increment the extent of the sweet recognizes, this enables players to have a snappier assault because of an expanded edge for the mistake. Round oars likewise take into account better blocking. In conclusion, penholds with round heads are simpler to change from forehand to strike.
  2. Other than oddity things, there is just a single sort of oar that uses the square paddle head: The J-Pen, otherwise called the Japanese Penhold. As a result of the expelled obstruct on the handle that takes into account a firmer grasp, the hand acts as a burden with the round paddles. By utilizing a square or rectangular shape, the sweet spot of the head gets pushed down further far from the handle, in this way permitting more space between the sweet spot and the hand. The drawback here is that the sweet spot is considerably littler than the round head. While this is the situation, the brought down sweet spot may imply that square/rectangular heads get more power because of an expansion speed that outcomes from the expanded separation.

Hand Grips & Types of Handles

Currently, lets we talk about hand grips and handles about best ping pong paddle. We will talk about the distinctive ways that players hold their paddles and which grasps are the best fit for each style.

The handle is joined to the cutting edge. Unless you need to construct an extremely altered oar, the sharp edge and handle normally come as one associated part. This is on the grounds that the handle is made to fit the front profile of the cutting edge. Along these lines, you need to first choose how you will hold the oar. There are two styles: penhold and shakehand.

Penhold: Hand is situated as though client is holding a pen

Shakehand: Hand is situated as though client is shaking hands with someone else

There are surely varieties of these holds relying upon every individual player’s hand size and solace inclination. As you turn out to be more comfortable with your style, you can transform it as vital. In the main 10 positioned ping pong players on the planet, just a single use the penhold hold. While individuals still utilize this hold, it is ending up less well known in light of the fact that the forceful edge that the shakehand grasp permits are overpowering. I for one utilize the shakehand grasp for this very reason.

Here we show more basic points so that you can choose the perfect ping pong paddle. It will help you to buy the best ping pong paddle very easily.

Playing Style

The essential factor in finding the correct best ping pong paddle is comprehending what style of player you are. In the event that you are an amateur player, probably, you will need an oar that is more widely appealing and not made for a particular style since you are likely as yet created as a player. As you develop as a player, the hold, regardless of whether penhold or shakehand and on the off chance that you are a more hostile or guarded player will become possibly the most important factor. Likewise, numerous higher end paddles give more power than unpracticed players can deal with.


The first of these appraisals, control, reflects not just the hardness of the material utilized as a part of the cutting edge and handle of the oar, however the cushioning utilized between the elastic surfaces of the oar and the edge.

All sharp edges are overlaid wood stuck together, once in a while with a thin layer of fiberglass or carbon fiber sandwiched between the layers to give lighter weight and less retention of vitality. The power rating is increasingly a measure of how much vitality the oar ingests while restoring a shot. The higher the number, the less power the oar retains, giving a significantly more grounded return. A downside to a higher power rating is that it can come at the cost of control of shots and in this way less favored by players with a more guarded style.


Control is the next to choosing the best ping pong paddle, which reflects how evident the oar strikes the ball, and in addition to what extent the oar holds the ball when hitting it. This has more to do with the nature of the elastic, thickness of cushioning, and the course the pips on the elastic face. When in doubt, the tackier the elastic, the more control you will have with your shots, taking into consideration better situation of profits. Too, two or three millimeters of froth can give significantly more control, typically to the detriment of energy, however.

At long last, if the substance of the oar has the elastic pips confronting outward, it gives you more grasp as you strike the ball, generally at the cost of a turn. Cautious players favor high control paddles, despite the fact that advances in development have prompt an ascent in the control evaluations of all oars.


Spin again needs to do with the quality and establishment of the elastic, yet additionally can be enhanced through a lighter cutting edge. Numerous players, regardless of whether more offense or barrier arranged in their styles, will search for paddles that give turn as it can make restoring their shots more troublesome. Higher turn oars will typically have the pips of their elastic confronting the sharp edge, taking into consideration the ball to be hit with a smooth surface. Also, they will be lighter weight, enabling you to have all the finer control of the oar. And still, at the end of the day, most oars with a higher control rating, for the most part, convey a comparative rating in turn.

Through utilizing these rules, you can locate the best ping pong paddle for you and comprehend the criteria we utilized as a part of deciding our best broad decisions.

Cleaning and Maintenance Of Ping Pong Paddle

To get the best measure of life out of your best ping pong paddle you’ll need to look after it. The main thing that you ought to consider putting resources into is a decent cleaning material. Since the elastic on your new oar is fairly sticky, you’ll see that it rapidly grabs any gunk and with the end goal that may have been on your best ping pong paddle.

Be extremely cautious while applying any cleaners to your elastic. The best ping pong paddle will have removable rubbers. They are appended with water-based paste and all things considered are intended to be removable. In the meantime, a little measure of water and a gentle cleanser will for the most part not bring on any issue. A few organizations offer items extraordinarily made to clean the elastic of an oar. On the off chance that you observe a portion of the best players they will simply inhale on their oar and wipe it off on their hand.

Furthermore, you should ensure that you have edge tape on your paddle. This basic demonstration can include a level of quality and security to your oar. Some accompany this officially done, while others will abandon it to you.

Finally, an exceptionally basic technique for keeping your best ping pong paddle prepared for the following match is to store it for a situation. A few oars accompany their own yet regardless of whether your chose paddle does not you can locate a wide assortment of them to store some solitary or different oars.

Health Benefits of Table Tennis

At first, table tennis may appear like only a fun approach to take a break, yet it really offers various medical advantages, too. Playing table tennis routinely can drastically enhance deftness and reflexes. The quick paced nature of the amusement requires that a man respond rapidly and with a high level of precision. This expands fine and gross engine control and gets the body used to perform activities without a great deal of time to process approaching data.

Following the ball and foreseeing its direction requires a high level of mental sharpness. Changing your oar position in view of the level of turn requires critical thinking aptitudes. The greater part of this can help create and enhance mental keenness. An investigation performed in Japan in 1997 found that table tennis expands bloodstream to the mind, making it a successful recovery for those torment from an assortment of cerebrum ailments.

Table tennis additionally consumes calories in a fun, energizing, and to some degree addictive way. The normal grown-up consumes right around 300 calories in a single hour of table tennis. The short blasts of effort and recuperation all through the amusement can prompt quick jerk muscle improvement, as well. Quick jerk muscles consume more fat than moderate jerk muscles, so the more created they are, the better your body will have the capacity to consume fat. need help in choosing the best ping pong tables? check our best ping pong tables reviews for details. If need help to chose the best ping pong robots then we have solution here in our best pig pong robot review


Detail Reviews Of The Best Ping Pong Paddle

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Killerspin jet800 speed n1 paddle

Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Paddle


The Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 is the best-positioned paddle in the eight-section Killerspin JET arrangement also in our best ping pong paddle review. It is an exceptional quality racket implied for genuine competitions. It has a one of a kind 7-handle wooden cutting edge which comprises of 5 layers of premium wood and two layers of carbon.

The oar is made with IITF endorsed 2.0mm Nitrx-4Z elastic. This implies you can utilize it to take an interest in aggressive expert tournaments. Plus, the benefit of theNitrx-4Z rubbers is that they include additional turn, particularly on harder shots and serves. The rubbers unquestionably support hard-hitting forceful players. The JET800 offers a firmer san slip hold and empowers you to wonderfully counter overwhelming twist shots and deliver your own turn on trap serves.

A standout amongst other things about the best ping pong paddle/Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 is that the oar has a wooden side tape that protects it against breakage/chipping. It likewise safeguards your vitality so you can convey more power-stuffed shots. The oar has an ergonomically composed wooden handle with a delightful consumed wrap-up.

Execution score of the JET 800 Speed N1 is Speed: 9.5. Turn: 9. Control: 8. It weighs 9.4 ounces. Its measurements are: 6.1″ x 6″ x 0.5″. The Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 incorporates a Memory Book and a little marker pen for you to record your past exhibitions, keep track of who’s winning and gather marks. It accompanies a 30-day guarantee. Read the full review here

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Stiga Evolution Racket

Stiga evolution racket

The STIGA Evolution is a competition level racket that offers uncommon execution evaluations and highlights. In our best ping pong paddle review,  The STIGA Evolution has accompanied premium rubbers that are having a thickness of 2.0mm. The oar is developed from a 6-utilize light sharp edge. The sharp edge is worked with a Shock Dispersion Tube. This innovation delivers the handle to be an empty part which assumes an indispensable part in exchanging the shockwaves created when the ball hits the racket and spread them out uniformly over the whole bat. The SDT is an inventive innovation that can adequately retain vibrations and exchanges vitality out of the handle. In this manner, it helps in enhanced speed, feel, and control.

Advancement is the most needed pre-gathered oar contrast with others because of its lightweight to hold in any player’s hand. It just weighs 170 grams. It is seen all worth of the cash put resources into getting this ping pong paddle.

The nature of the racket is observed to be great, with great form quality.  In addition, it is very much adjusted with awesome quality elastic that is created with Nanocomposite innovation. This influence the elastic to can append to the sharp edge more tightly and hence offer better speed and turn. All the purchasers can manage the cost of this, and get the best understanding while at the same time playing table tennis. A few protests identified with the nature of the ping pong paddle was accounted for.

The primary elastic of this oar is to some degree sticky, which loans to control, yet it additionally fits turning into a tiny magnet. This wouldn’t be as a lot of an issue, however, this oar does not accompany a cover, so you’ll either need to spring for one while requesting it or make do with cleaning your oar each time you need to utilize it. At the point when simply beginning you will set aside some opportunity to get used to the adjust of this oar. Check full review here 

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Stiga Pro Carbon Racket

Stiga pro carbon racket

It won’t be an issue at all for you to expand your speed and power by having this Stiga Pro Carbon ping pong racket.We are gonna say in our best ping pong review about the racket which is made of best quality material and is highlighted with most recent Carbon Tech innovation. It coordinates 2 layers of superior carbon into the oar to make it solidified and quick reaction. For all the 5-Star arrangement, they all are having S5 elastic, and for all intents and purposes, the greater part of the oars is having 7 facades aside from STIGA Evolution with 6 facades. This oar gives you some exceptionally quick speed and extraordinary turn. With those elements, this is an awesome oar to use on the server. In the event that you are a more hostile sort player the qualities of this oar will gel directly into your style of play. The lightweight idea of the oar sets aside a few minutes starting with one shot then onto the next.

The Pro Carbon is intended for the exceptionally viable offense player who is searching for unique power levels and involvement in the match. The Carbon Tech innovation makes it feasible for brilliant speed for being joined with the greatest flexibility in an additional light elastic with execution rating speed turn control. Be that as it may, it won’t stop you from having a decent shot. On the off chance that you keep up and bring the oar with great care, you can hold the stickiness of this elastic for a significant timeframe.

In spite of the fact that it’s the least expensive model that we included on our rundown, despite everything it has pleasant highlights that make it awesome for those simply beginning in rivalries.

On the off chance that you are a guarded sort player this oar may not be the best choice for you to get. Additionally, you need the rudiments of control down, the control on this oar has been to some degree yielded to knock up the speed and turn. One should take note of that the handle for the Pro Carbon is on the bigger end of normal, those with little hands may experience difficulty with it. Check our full Stiga Pro Carbon Review here


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STIGA Supreme Racket

STIGA Supreme Racket

The racket is furnished with 2mm of wipe stuck on 6-handle additional light cutting edge enhanced with the organization’s extraordinary advances. It likewise has Stiga’s Future elastic stuck in a modified manner. The spiked or pimpled side is stuck to the surface while the smoother side is outward. The elastic is additionally affirmed by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) to furnish you with that competition level execution and gameplay. we cover most information for you in this best ping pong paddle review

Stiga’s extraordinary innovations incorporate Stiga Tube and Stiga Crystal which solidify the oar’s surface and contribute to enhanced paces. Stiga Tube innovation depends on the oar’s focal facade which experiences treatment with the organization’s best in class cutting edge delivering a machine to take a shot at the microchannel lengthways in the mid-play of the edge. The Crystal Technology additionally solidifies the cutting edge and aides in creating speedy shots.

The racket is extraordinarily lightweight since it just weighs five pounds. In the event that you are utilized to overwhelming oars, at that point you will instantly feel the distinction as I thought it when I grasped it. The softness of the oar guarantees that it turns into the augmentation of your arm and turn into the piece of your hand which contributes colossally to fantastic adjust and control. The abatement in the heaviness of the cutting edge guarantees your recuperation rate is better after each shot you play.

The racket likewise includes Stiga ACS for extra control and speed. ACS innovation depends on various minuscule air cases inside the ultralight elastic. These air containers make your shots fast and offer most extreme versatility and better soundness. The execution rating of this racket is 90 for speed, 92 for the turn and 89 for control. These scores let you know, this ping pong paddle is the correct choice to pick in the event that you are sharpening your abilities to turn the ball and be quick on your shots too. Check Full Stiga Supreme Review here 

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Killerspin JET600 Paddle

Killerspin JET600 Paddle

In the best ping pong paddle review, we’re gonna say about this racket that moderate and propelled ping pong players will love this racket as a result of its smooth and trustworthy sharp edge. That cutting-edge highlights five thin layers of wood that broaden the life of the sharp edge while additionally enhancing the exactness and speed that you escape the oar. The finished elastic over the wood makes a decent showing with regards to of guaranteeing the ball will skim appropriate off the oar as opposed to adhering to it.

Killerspin evaluated this oar in light of the execution that you can receive in return. It has an 8/10 speed rating, 8.5/10 control rating and 9/10 turn rating. Those high appraisals let you realize that the JET600 will give all of you the fact that you require amid rivalries while likewise guaranteeing that you get the perfect measure of turn and have more control over where the ball goes. a 30-day guarantee Notwithstanding.

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DHS Hurricane-ii Ping Pong Paddle

DHS hurricane-ii ping pong paddle

DHS is a Chinese organization and we as a whole know who the present table tennis title holders are. So, you can rest guaranteed that they comprehend what they are doing.

One major contrast contrasted with different hurricane-ii oars on this rundown is that this one has an alternate kind of elastic on each side. On one side it includes the Hurricane elastic which is intended for the hostile player. You can create a colossal measure of turn with it and will enable you to hit the ball advance from the table at confounding rates. The opposite side has the G555 elastic. This one additionally has an extremely cheap surface, but since it concentrates more on control, it is slower. Another enormous in addition to is that racket arrives in an exceptionally proficient and expound bundle. It incorporates a conveying case, two balls and an assurance band for the side of the oar. The majority of this, stuffed in a book molded case.

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Killerspin JET200 Paddle

Killerspin JET200 Paddle

Killerspin is a relative newcomer to ping-pong gear, however, they have effectively earned a notoriety of creating high caliber and forcefully styled hardware at a decent cost. While the wood in their 5-employ cutting edge isn’t dealt with similarly as the Stiga Titan, the sharp edge holds up well to play as a couple of clients detailed any issues with breakage.

One region where the Jet200 emerges is in the nature of its elastic. Their elastic has a tendency to be fresher than that of its rivals, giving this oar more control without bargaining many turns contrasted with different oars at their level. We found some dislikes that is it is in Poor Power, Elastic destroys moderately rapidly, along these lines, you can’t play in competitions with this oar. Costly contrasted with different oars in a similar aptitude section.

But while its speed rating of 6 is somewhat low for an expert review paddle, for players concentrated on control and enhancing their recreations, this oar is an extraordinary decision. Check our full killerspin jet 200 review here

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Stiga Performance 4-player Table Tennis Racket

Stiga performance 4-player table tennis racket

The Stiga Performance 4-Player Set gives the chance to a definitive table tennis experience.

In a split second, a dull day changes into an amazing competition with this arrangement of four custom rackets and six table tennis balls.

The rackets highlight elastic altered surfaces with 1.0 mm wipe, 5-employ sharp edges, and a sunken handle style. This set likewise incorporates three white 40mm Three Star balls and three orange 40mm Three Star balls to get things going in an abnormal state. Constrained Warranty 90 Days.

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STIGA Pure Color Advance Racket

STIGA Pure Color Advance Racket

STIGA has figured out how to join fun and execution with this line of splendid hued paddles.

In case you’re hoping to up your guard amusement or you like STIGA oars and need to separate your oar from those of your STIGA-cherishing relatives, at that point this might be the perfect oar for you.

It’s Performance-level craftsmanship. Comes in your decision of red, lime green, yellow, and blue. Three-star elastic, 5-employ sharp edge, 1.5 mm wipe. Inward has 75 Speed, 65 Spin, and 65 Control. Incorporates gem innovation for sharp edge solidifying.

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Killerspin JET300 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET300 Table Tennis Paddle

It hasn’t been endorsed for use in official competitions, however. It suits players who have less power yet much control. It has been influenced utilizing a 5-to handle wood cutting edge that makes it so light.

The rubbers on the JET300 are red/dark hues. They have 1.8mm wipe with eye getting shading handle. The handle has been flared to influence the grasp firmly and guarantee it doesn’t slide. It is appraised at 65% for speed, 80% for the turn and 85% for control.

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Killerspin JetBlack Combo

KillerspinJetBlack Combo

Killerspin JetBlack Combo is a high-quality ping pong paddle built for extreme control and accuracy. In our best ping pong paddle review, we will say, it’s a practical and auxiliary planned racket.

6 x 6 1/8 Dimensions of the racket; 6.8 Speed, 9 controls, 8.2 Spin, 9/16 racket thickness Paddle case suits two oars and four ping pong balls 2 dark nitrix 4Z rubbers and 5-employ wood additional light sharp edge with flared handle Meet your ideal match. smooth, basic and untraditional. jetblack combo incorporates Jetblack – table tennis racket; Black sleeve table tennis racket case.

Jetblack is a table tennis racket designed for better, control – arranged, execution. Outlined with beauty – dark flared handle with unmistakable yellow lines and dark rubbers on the two sides make this oar valid and restless looking. Assembled with 5 layers of wood, jetblack rises to quality, style, and solace. Put away in a super delicate and cool styling dark sleeve racket case, the jetblack combo is your ideal match.

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Killerspin JETSET 2

Killerspin JETSET 2

The JETSET 2 is a top-notch table tennis racket in our best ping pong paddle review having control producing paddles for predictable play and exactness. It has 3 table tennis balls with it. It has 1.5 upset surface rubbers having prevalent control and twists which empower one to produce an aggressive performance.

The surface of the oar is exceptionally sticky. They last more and great evaluating relative to its quality.

It has additionally 5.6mm thick sharp edge which quickens the smoothness in play. The racket is of plywood with the ergonomic flared handle having executioner turn’s restrictive dark and red rubbers. this ping-pong Paddle is something overwhelming for its weight is a 77g to 184g having thick elastic cushioning which improves control and turn which is essential for playing. The rating out is 10, 7.0 turns; 9.0 is control and 6.0 control too.

Killerspin is made to bring the young and world’s most games delightful table tennis. It is made in the USA and keeps the most modernization inside the Jet sets.

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STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

The main thing you’ll see subsequent to taking the Titan in your grasp is its outrageous lightweight. You can play for quite a long time with this racket and you’ll not feel any strain in your grasp.

Additionally, the lightweight model helps in expanding pace of your amusement. Because of its light plywood, your energy shots won’t get conveyed with as much power as you plan it to be. It is because of the way that the greater part of the power will be consumed by the employee and less will be exchanged to the ball.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are a sort of player who depends more on ball position, than control shots, at that point this racket will suit your requirements well.

This oar is intended to play artfulness shots. Speed is 10, Spin is 8, Control is 9. The racket has an inward Italian composite handle with WRB framework which implies you’ll have more weight adjust, the expanded rate of recuperation after each shot, and ideal situation of the ball. Stiga’s novel precious stone innovation for solidifying the sharp edge additionally increment the speed of the cutting edge. Read full Siga Titan Review here

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Frequently Asked Questions


A: On the off chance that you believe that you are an overall player your best decision obviously would be an inside and out wood. In the event that you are a hostile player pick a speedier sharp edge which has the speed rating more than 70. Most 5 employ edges are in the overall range. 7 and 9 employ cutting edges are quicker for hostile play and give additional quality.


A: The fast and simple decide is that thicker wipes (at least 2.0mm) bring about the more hostile play. 1.9mm to 1.5mm is utilized by more ‘control’ or all-around players while littler numbers are regular for short and since quite a while ago pipped rubbers. When you swing at a ball and reach, the wipe gets the ball and backs it off.


A: You can see that the greater part of our elastic sheets has evaluations of speed, turn, and control. A speed rating underneath 50 implies great control. From 50-70 are a decent all-around rating and anything more than 70 we consider quick for hostile play.

The favored elastic sheets are generally smooth modified and sticky. A few players are as yet utilizing the pips out for speedier and more straightforward shots.


A: Numerous sharp edges come in various handle styles. The shakehand models are:

Anatomic (A) – The second most prominent style. An A handle is decreased at the neck and is more extensive in the center. The zone between the base and center is somewhat curved.

Flared (FL) – The most prominent style. An FL handle is wide at the base and is curved in the middle.

Straight (ST) – The ST handle has no deviation in it. It is uniform from neck to base.

The Penhold models are:

Chinese (CS) – The CS handles are fundamentally the same as a cone-shaped molded shakehand sharp edge with a shorter handle.

Japanese (JP) – Most JP handles are long and limit. They include a piece of stopper over the handle for a surer and more agreeable grasp. There is additionally a thin layer of stopper on the posterior.

Which handle style is appropriate for you is entirely an individual inclination.


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