Cornilleau 500M Review

Cornilleau 500M Review: Complete Analysis

Cornilleau 500M Review is about The Cornilleau 500M Outdoor table which is their most mainstream model and one that is elusive any blame in with the exception of the price.We see the Cornilleau outdoor ping pong tables in a bigger number of spots far and wide than some other brand in our Cornilleau 500M Review. You’ll see them on voyage ships, at resorts, in parks, at group focuses, in office diversion rooms, and in terraces. Cornilleau is a French producer of ping pong tables over 45 years. Cornilleau items are accessible in more than 75 nations worldwide.Cornilleau has composed, created, and delivered brilliant ping pong table, State-of-the-craftsmanship generation strategies, amazing materials, and an intensive quality control process result in the best tables available.

In Cornilleau 500M Review, The plans and highlights on the tables are somewhat extraordinary. the primary concern to search for is the thickness of the playing surface. You will locate a 7mm gum cover top with a MATTOP Finish on the 500M and it comes in either a blue or dim color.Cornilleau tables are created utilizing stirred steel and other against erosion materials to give numerous times of play.

Furthermore, the greater part of the versatile models is anything but difficult to overlap, give the playback highlight, and incorporate the protected DSI® wellbeing framework. DSI® enables the table to be opened and shut rapidly and securely with a solitary handle available from the playing edge. With 16 locking focuses, Cornilleau tables have the most elevated amount of security available. Quality craftsmanship, long-haul solidness, incredible wellbeing record, and simplicity of getting together are only a couple of reasons why they are appraised so high.

Cornilleau 500m review

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In this Cornilleau 500M Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features of Cornilleau 500m

  • 7mm tar overlay top gives a hard, thick playing surface
  • Patented mattop® complete gives a hostile to glare complete and appropriate ball adherence
  • To help the playing surface is has 2 1/4″ basic excited steel edge
  • Ball and racket stockpiling on each side of the table
  • 8″ double wheels casters with indented tread for unrivaled grasp
  • To secure the table in play mode or capacity mode, it has 2 wheel brakes
  • Permanent climate safe polyester net framework with strain and stature modification
  • Retractable net that consequently overlaps in the middle of the tops for assurance and to diminish storage room
  • Sturdy leg configuration looks incredible and gives strong help to the table
  • Corner defenders for included security
  • Adjustable leg stature to smooth out uneven surfaces
  • Ball gadget on each playing edge of the table
  • Transport handle lets you effortlessly draw and lift the table to stay away from obstructions
  • Blue or gray-hued playing surface are available
  • 10 years guarantee on materials and workmanship barring wear parts (wheels, net, and net posts)
  • The table weighs 158 lbs.
  • The table’s overlap minimally for capacity at 62″ h x 74″ w x 30″ d
  • 62″ x 56″ x 6″ is package measurements
  • 185 lbs. Is shipping weight

Another feature of Cornilleau 500m

Playing Surface

The thickness of the best has a huge effect with regards to ‘Genuine’ ball bob. In the event that you are a player that hits with topspin or underspin, at that point you’ll need an outdoor ping pong table with prevalent ricochet like the Cornilleau 500M. With the 7mm tar overlay top, you are ensured to get the best ricochet of any outside table. The 400M from Cornilleau is appropriate in the middle of with a 6mm best thickness. We’ve played on every one of the 3 Cornilleau ping pong tables and the 500M is the best entertainer. The MATTOP Finish is another component on the Cornilleau we completely adore. When playing outside, the glare of the sun can be a block so Cornilleau included the counter glare complete which likewise assists with the best possible ball adherence. The 250S from Cornilleau gives another Soft Mat covering completely which is marginally unique albeit still exceptionally playable. The 500M comes in either dark or blue tabletop hues.

Weatherproof design

The playing surface is totally weatherproof. Cornilleau is one of the best decisions for outside use for its weatherproof design. It’s sufficiently strong for utilizing as a part of ranges that get a considerable measure of rain, the table totally shrouded in water one day and afterward dry the following. The table doesn’t ingest the water. You can likewise play outside in ranges that get snow and ice without agonizing over rusting or different issues.

Simply wipe it off and play.

Get together

The cornilleau 500m isn’t exactly as quick to assemble as say the killerspin or joola brands, however, hope to spend an hour and a half preparing it all together and to play on. There are around 10 minutes or so we’re having a second match of hands is required as you have to lift the table boards into position.To move your cornilleau 500m crossover table back to front or the other way around you don’t need to put a ton of endeavors. With a focal discharge handle, you can open and close the table effectively.


There are 4 sets of twofold wheels. Effortlessly roll the table to where you need to go and secure set up with the slowing mechanism. The wheels to be overwhelming obligation enough to move crosswise over grass, soil, and shakes. The weatherproof net on the cornilleau 500m is both customizable for stature and pressure. Another component of the net that is one of a kind to these tables is that the net is retractable. The net will withdraw between the two boards while going into the capacity mode. That way the table can fit into more tight spaces with nothing hanging off the edge. To put the table into the capacity mode, just reach down beneath the table and snatch the orange handle and draw. It’s a one-man work and extremely safe to utilize.

Security features

Another motivation behind why the tables are quite a lot costlier than the opposition. The table will be completely secured capacity or playing positions. There are really 16 locking focuses with the 500m. The corner insurance cushions are likewise what guardians acknowledge on an outdoor table. We as a whole know kids tend to circled when outside and having those cushions on the corners implies they are secured on the off chance that they happen to hit that area of the cornilleau 500m.

Different features

There is capacity in favor of the table for 4 add up to ping pong oars and 8 ping pong balls. We likewise like the ball allocators that are put directly underneath the finish of the table where a player can rapidly and effectively get another ball and place it into play and not need to pursue a ball every time it goes off the table. Once more, the seemingly insignificant details that cornilleau incorporates with their tables has a significant effect when you are searching for the best ping pong table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this table come with a cover?

Answer: No. It is an additional cost

 Question: Does the table come with rackets and ping pong balls?

Answer: No, it doesn’t – simply the table itself.

 Question: Is this table ITTF approved?

Answer: The 500M Crossover Outdoor table tennis table isn’t ITTF endorsed, however, this ping pong table has breezed through the ITTF bob test.

 Question: Can you tell me what the difference is between the 500m and 700m, please?

Answer: The best on the Cornilleau 500M Crossover is 7mm with a Mat best and 9mm with a Mat best on the Cornilleau 700M Crossover.


At the end of our Cornilleau 500m review, we would like to say, All in all, the Cornilleau Sports 500M Table Tennis Table is a great buy for the individuals who have a genuine energy for the game of table tennis. With a smooth and imaginative plan, a very much manicured surface, and a durable, simple to collect and dismantle outline, this table is sure to please and furnish you with years of value utilize. So how was our Cornilleau 500m review? Check our Best Ping-Pong Tables Reviews for more information.

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