Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review

Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review: Complete Review

In this Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review, we are going to tell you A to Z about this luxurious pool table. In the event that you’ve had dreams of getting a pool table for your recreations room, however, would never stand to hand out the money, or essentially didn’t have space for a full estimated one, you’ll be glad to hear this.

The Reno II is certain to convey bunches of energy to any amusement room. It’ll have every one of your loved ones anticipating the following round. Its cherry complete runs consummate with the red felt best and gives it a tasteful vibe.

Taking a gander at it and playing it, you’d anticipate that this table will be twofold what it’s really evaluated at. Its cost is, be that as it may, not intelligent of its quality. This is outstanding amongst other pool tables for the cash. You’ll be getting a great item that you’d hope to pay substantially more for. The alluring maple facade complete on the legs, strong wood rails with white precious stone trims and outside give it that bona fide and great look that such a large number of adoration.

Every leg has levelers that enable you to modify the tallness of the table as required, or if the territory is somewhat uneven. The elastic guards around the table go about as rails to keep the balls in play and they have a better than average skip. You can learn more interesting facts about this great pool table after our Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review.

Additionally, included are every one of the extras you have to begin playing immediately: two 57″ prompts, brush, set of billiard balls and two bits of chalk.

The heavy hitter is one of the pioneers in the mid-go pool table industry and you’re certain to get a decent table when you run with their 7.5-foot-long Reno II.

In case you’re hoping to get an amazing look at the best pool table for the cash, this is it. Let’s begin our Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review now…



Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review

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In this Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features Of Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table

  • The estimations of the Fat Cat 7-Foot Reno II billiard table are as per the following: 89 ½ inches long, 50 ½ inches wide and 31 inches high
  • The Reno II is a 7.5-foot billiard table particularly intended for less open rooms
  • A quality billiard table fusing 6 inches strong wood rails
  • White precious stone decorates.
  • The rails are additionally cushioned by K66 elastic guards
  • It has elastic guards which guarantee incredible ricochet on each hit.
  • The playing surface of the table is made of one inch one-inch MDF Accuslate and it is canvassed in a wool fabric
  • This pool table accompanies slanted legs that are made of wood facade maple, which influences it to look rich and give awesome dependability even on uneven surfaces.
  • The fleece material covering the playing surface has an exquisite burgundy shading so it fits consummately in any diversion room outline
  • The playing surface measures 78 crawls on the long side and 39 creeps on the short side
  • The Six French-style drop pockets are composed in a way that upgrades the look of this pool table.
  • Each pocket has interlaced strands swinging from the pocket, which frames a window ornament around the pockets.
  • The Accuslate playing surface is secured by 7 years of guarantee
  • This Fat Cat billiard table accompanies a full arrangement of embellishments consolidating two bits of chalk, triangle, brush, an arrangement of value billiard balls and two standard 57 inches long prompts.

Another Features Of Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table


This excellent table has six-inch rails with white precious stone decorates, burgundy fleece fabric and slanted legs with maple wood facade and a cherry wrap up. These perspectives join to frame a flawlessly made table. one-inch Accuslate playing surface and K66 elastic guards, taking into consideration better play and also accompanies a seven-year guarantee. Embellishments incorporate two 57-inch two-piece signals, one arrangement of billiard balls, two bits of chalk, a triangle, and a brush. This shocking table will finish any home amusement room and measures 89.5″ L x 50.5″ W x 31″ H. Bring extravagance and class into your home with the Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard Game Table.

Usefulness Fat Cat Reno II Usefulness

As various clients called attention to, the maple complete that uncovers a two-tone wood facade is a major in addition to for the Reno II table. Basically, other than its incredible usefulness, the billiard table additionally awes as an extraordinary household item. Consequently, in the event that you had anticipates remodeling your diversion room and including a touch of the old school Western style, the Reno II could constitute a wonderful point of convergence.

Notoriety and Ratings

note that the genuine purpose for this can be connected to the way that some pool players, who have delighted in the amusements for a considerable length of time, are still exceptionally hesitant to the non-slate playing surface.

Given the way that the Fat Cat Accuslate billiard tables are famous for their brilliant, you ought not to expect less from the Reno II table. Despite the fact that it didn’t get the greatest rating on all specific pool tables and adornments sites.

There is one minor objection in regards to this table merits saying: the adornments unit. A couple of clients guarantee that the two standard signs that accompany the Reno II table are long ways past the nature of the table. Nonetheless, since this isn’t a steady grievance, it in all probability connotes that the downside is to some degree connected to the play style of those clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: To what extent does it take to amass?

Answer: Around two hours quite simple to assemble require two individuals to lift the bed onto the legs.

Question: What are the measurements of the table best?

Answer: The table best measurements are 90″ long, 50.5″ wide, 3″ tall with the rails joined.

Question: Is the table mobile?

Answer: The cook’s garment and legs can be evacuated for transport.

Question: Is there one in shading green rather than red?

Answer: The reno just comes in the burgundy.

Question: Is the slate at least 1 pieces?

Answer: One piece, the bed guards, and pockets come as one piece

Question: Is it made of marble?

Answer: No, this table is made of a composite material.


In case, you need to play your most loved amusement or you need to begin another interest, a pool table is an incredible expansion of any home. Rather than making due with a sub-par table, ensure you’re totally happy with your buy and get a long time of utilization out of your table by buying the Fat Cat Reno II Billiard Table. Moreover, On the off chance that you claim a business, you can even stick one in your office to keep your clients and customers engaged.

Disregarding the way that the Fat Cat Reno II billiard table does not consolidate a slate playing surface, you should realize that it incorporates extraordinary compared to other options out there for which you get 7 years of guarantee. Considering that all parts of the table are produced using materials marked as the great standard in the business. The general population who have utilized the Fat Cat Reno 7.5-Foot Billiards Table are exceptionally happy with their experience. In spite of the fact that the get together of this item is a troublesome undertaking, the superb highlights it comes stuffed with overpowering this minor issue.

Despite the fact that the sticker price may appear somewhat scary, this model looks incredible, offers outstanding diversion play, and accompanies all that you need an impact on your family and companions. At the end of the day, you can make sure that your cash has been well spent! After our Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review now you know everything about this premium pool table. let us know how was our Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table Review and take a look at other best pool tables here.

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