Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review

Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review: In-Depth Review

In this Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review, we’re going to reveal every single detail that you need to know. Pool amusement has effortlessly delegated a stimulation and games in itself. One can play a competition against a few companions happily at the same time enhancing one’s dexterity. A pool diversion is an incredible method to unwind and have a ton of fun with loved ones.

The Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table accompanies straightforward styling, modern plan and made up of unrivaled quality.

The Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table is a smidgen little than the standard pool tables. The Hathaway Fairmont is moderately less expensive in price. Hathaway concentrates on assembling top-notch items for delayed utilize. The brand is mainstream and included in various records.

The Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table accompanies a 66 by 33 tabletop. It’s intended for versatility and highlights a foldable leg framework with custom steel leg levelers for adjustment. The body is worked with poly-fixed MDF with a mix of fleece and polyester for sturdiness. The melamine top rails are 5-inch wide and solid with worked in round rail locales. It additionally includes I-pads for quick action, an arrangement of billiard balls, two signs, two chalks, a table brush, a triangular rack, and a polyester stockpiling pack impervious to tears. The chromed corner castings highlight rope net pockets to hold balls and are given a matte dark melamine shade of cupboards for an exemplary look. It additionally accompanies a 180-day restricted guarantee for security from assembling shortcomings. Let’s Begin our Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review.

Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review

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In this Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features Of Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table

  • The Hathaway Fairmont pool table move plays genuine surface is secured by a high caliber, mixed fleece material.
  • Hathaway Fairmont versatile pool table looks exquisite for a midnight solid melamine and quick activity pads wrapped its 5-inches wide best rails.
  • Produced using blue woolen felt and mixed polyester, it has a playing surface of MDF
  • This table is totally compact with simple collapsing legs 1.25 crawls in width of hard steel System outfitted with 1.5-In balancing out leg levelers.
  • Because of its conservativeness, the pool table is anything but difficult to set up and more helpful to store.
  • Poly Sealed with1/2-in thick confirmed carb.
  • Solid metal collapsing legs with levelers totally bolster the table.
  • Its advanced cupboard hued matte midnight dark melamine and castings of chromed corner throwing are outfitted with pockets made of rope net.
  • It accompanies a convey/stockpiling sack of nylon tear safe texture that advantageously conveys every one of the extras of a pool table to play an aggressive diversion.

Another Features Of Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table

DesignHathaway Fairmont Portable

The Hathaway Fairmont smaller than normal pool table is 6 feet long and is perfect for cramped home spaces. The outline is somewhat sharp, which includes the component of style and form to your room. Accessible in matte dark melamine cupboard shading, the table has chromed corner castings with rope net pockets.

It weighs 190 lbs. Yet, it can without much of a stretch be set-up and moved around due to its simple collapsing legs.

The table does not have haggles around 31″ tall and isn’t outfitted with ball return highlight. In any case, general The Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table is an extraordinary buy for any outside space.

Versatile and Folding

It is very overwhelming, however, the solid metal legs with balancing out levelers give awesome help. You can be sure that your amusement would not endure because of unevenness of the table.

The table is effectively foldable. The legs can be effectively collapsed for a speedy setup and helpful stockpiling, which is valuable, yet since the table is so substantial we question a great many people would move it around frequently.

Given the foldable property, it appears to be helpful yet in addition given its weight, it is trusted that it isn’t as simple to overlay and store as one may think. Be that as it may, regardless, in any event, there is a choice to create and store.

Hathaway Fairmont Portable tuff and sturdyTough and Sturdy

The blue mixed polyester and fleece felt look incredible with the table edge. It feels great and enables the ball to roll easily. It doesn’t appear to be hard-wearing however we locate the quality adequate at its cost.

Its casing is made of top notch produced wood and the playing surface is MDF poly fixed with a 1/2-in thick affirmed CARB. The felt does not appear to be exceptionally sturdy but rather feels smooth to the touch. Re-felting an MDF surface isn’t prescribed so additional care ought to be taken for the feeling.


The Hathaway Fairmont pool table comes furnished with a total arrangement of adornments of cues, balls, chalks, table brush, a polyester stockpiling sack and a racking triangle. The quality is good to the point that a few people just can’t trust the sticker price it comes with.The Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table is six feet long and is ideal for houses with very little discharge space. The balls that go along the pool table ate normal 2.24″ balls and the sign sticks are 48″ long are superbly estimated for the more youthful individuals from the family. Be that as it may, the clues are lightweight and short, no one should need to keep them as a reinforcement and buy more solid ones for ordinary play and precision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: To what extent does it take to amass?

Answer: It should take you a couple of minutes to gather it. You simply need to unload it, unfurl the legs, and level the table utilizing the screws on the base of every leg.

Question: Does the table have wheels?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question: How high is it?

Answer: The table is 31″ tall.

Question: What ought to be the base measure of room around the table?

Answer: In the event that you will utilize the 48″ signal sticks that accompany it, 4 feet on each side is sufficient. Assign more space in the event that you lean toward longer signs.

Question: Does this table accompany a cover?

Answer: The table accompanies a zippered dark fabric pack sufficiently vast to completely encase the table with its legs collapsed.

Question: Does it have ball return?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.


We think after reading our Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review you’re not confused anymore about this premium pool table. The Hathaway Fairmont compact pool table is a decent decision for any easygoing player. The Hathaway Fairmont is a strong, rich looking smaller than expected pool table that is made of astounding materials. It might not have the best frill, but rather these are simply additional items that you would more often than not have any desire to purchase independently at any rate.

Generally speaking, the table surpassed my desires. It is ideal for having an engaging knowledge with your youngsters, despite the fact that you can likewise appreciate an aggressive diversion with your companions. It is one of those tables that does not bargain on any viewpoint notwithstanding being moderate. It is to be sure a foldable pool table that would end up being to be a significant expansion of your gaming room. You can’t turn out badly with this choice. Making the Hathaway Fairmont an extremely savvy decision. Let us know about our Hathaway Fairmont Pool Table Review And don’t forget to check our Best Pool tables review!

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