Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review

Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review: Complete Guide

In this Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review, we’re going to reveal every detail about Hathaway Maverick Pool Table that you need to know! Not all families have the privilege to spend their well-deserved cash on amusement. In any case, if your spending grants and you are searching for a pool table to unite the family amid ends of the week and If you add like playing ping pong, notwithstanding pool, you may search for a table that joins both. All things considered, we recommend you to get the Hathaway Maverick.

It is fascinating, fun and brandishing in nature which makes everything the additionally engaging.

You and your family can have an awesome time on this table, which gives both of you diverse choices. Once you’re finished playing pool, essentially include the table tennis best in not more than minutes for another amusement. This table is 7-feet long, so it’s awesome for your home, diversion room, or any room where you simply need to have a decent time.

This table brags dark matte overlay sides and has a silver cover top rail, all finished off with a red material best. It looks extremely present day without being too finished the best. It has fortified elastic pads for phenomenal ricochet back, and it accompanies the greater part of the frill your requirement for the two recreations. You won’t pay more for the two amusements either – this table is to a great degree spending plan amicable. It is for certain extraordinary compared to other tables on the planet to play pool on and beneath are some of its highlights and determinations.

This table is extraordinary for family diversion and will fit well into most amusement rooms or carports. It is sufficiently huge to make the recreations practical and alright for grown-ups, and sufficiently little for youngsters to have the capacity to utilize it well. The table tennis expansion is a reward, and it is sufficiently simple to put on or take off to make that a decent favorable position. The table tennis board isn’t the most grounded of surfaces, yet does not should be.

This combo table is moderate and costs considerably less than a lot of standard pool tables. The nature of the table itself is superb and should keep going quite a while. Want to know everything about this premium pool table? Then you’ve to finish reading our Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review first.

Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review

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In this Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features OF Hathaway Maverick Pool Table 

  • Fortified elastic pads give precise and quick ball bounce back
  • Silver cover top rail with 1/2 in. white decorate sights and chromed corner top
  • Dark matte overlaid side and end boards with dark ABS formed corner connectors
  • Platform style leg plan with balancing out leg levelers for included solidness
  • Tough dark plastic formed drop pockets
  • Pool Table playfield is 74.75 in. L x 36.75 in. W x 5/8 in. thick MDF with tough great red felt
  • Table Tennis playfield is 84 in. L x 46 in. W x 1/2 in. thick blue two-piece top with dark edge trim
  • Fast simple gathering
  • 2 two-piece 57 in. pool signals, 1 set of 2.25 in. pool balls, 1 plastic racking triangle, and chalk for BILLARDS
  • Net, Posts, 2 oars, and 2 table tennis balls for TABLE TENNIS
  • 180-day Limited Warranty

Another Features Of Hathaway Maverick Pool Table


The table tennis best is silver covered the best rail that is a large portion of an inch thick and comes in two blue pieces with a dark edge trim. It can be effortlessly amassed for a speedy diversion change. The table isn’t moving around as often as possible as it measures more than 200 lbs.

This is an awesome expansion of a family live with adolescents. The littler size of the table is perfect for youngsters, yet sufficiently huge for grown-ups too. It doesn’t take up a considerable measure of room, and you get two quality recreations with one table.

Genuine pool players, or table tennis players, will locate the surface too little. In the event that you require control estimate, this table isn’t for you. This is particularly valid on the off chance that you utilize the adornments that accompany the diversion. Including higher quality ones would make the diversion playable for further developed players.

DeterminationsHathaway Maverick 7 size

The Hathaway Maverick measures 7 feet and is littler than a direction estimate table.

The playfield of the billiards table measures around 74.75 inches long, 36.75 inches wide and ¾ inch thick MDF. It likewise has an exceptionally solid and top-notch feel given its red felt. The playfield of the table tennis table measures around 84 inches long, 46 inches wide and ½ inch thick.The balls roll a bit gradually, not for competition level play but rather best for training. It has strengthened elastic pads however the ball does not bounce back rapidly. The side is overlaid with dark matte and the end boards have shaped corner connectors with dark ABS. It has white trim sights and furthermore a chromed. The table is of high caliber and it is likewise extremely sturdy.

Multi-Game Table

After a peaceful and strategic billiards coordinate, you can appreciate a more adrenaline-drawing table tennis amusement close to each other. The Hathaway Maverick is a flexible table. Need Table tennis accessories reviews? Click here.

Flexible Legs for Leveling

We can’t pressure enough how essential a level table is in appreciating both billiards and table tennis. Amid gathering or even after it has settled in its place, the Hathaway Maverick’s legs can be effectively balanced for leveling.


It accompanies finish extras for the two diversions: 2 prompts, 2-1/4″ pool balls, 1 plastic triangle and chalk, table tennis net, posts, 2 oars and 2 table tennis balls. However, we recommend that you purchase better quality signals and rackets on the off chance that you need to completely appreciate each diversion you play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Would it be able to be utilized outside?

Answer: We prescribed it for indoor utilize as it were. The table is solid however presentation to high mugginess will harm the molecule board.

Question: How would you store the table tennis?

Answer: Simply abandon it to finish everything. Keeps tidy far from the pool table. Simple on/off from pool table.

Question: Does it have ball return?

Answer: No ball returns.

Question: What’s the nature of the felt? To what extent will it keep going for?

Answer: The felt has some undeniable paste recolors and wrinkled edges upon conveyance. It is additionally not extremely sturdy.

Question: To what extent does it take to gather?

Answer: Less than an hour to amass the table. Two individuals will most presumably complete it in 30 minutes.

Question: Does this have a slate top?

Answer: No, 3/4″ MDF.

Question: What’s the tallness on the pool table?

Answer: It’s 31inchies from floor to top of the table.


Well, at the end of our Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review we want to say that this is surely a premium class pool table. Despite the fact that the last two different diversion tables have loads of recreations consolidated, the best one remains the Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis as a result of its highlights and usefulness.

You may be more joyful on the off chance that you discard the pool prompts and table tennis oars that accompany the amusement, and get some of better quality. Regardless of whether you do that, it is as yet a decent purchase. The nature of the table more than compensates for the not as much as stellar frill.

The Hathaway Maverick pool table is a standout amongst other offering blend recreations available, so the creators are accomplishing something right. This mix amusement offers sufficient quality, and space reserve funds, to a to make it an advantageous interest in any family diversion room. So what do you think of our Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review? We hope you liked our Hathaway Maverick Pool Table Review. Click here to learn more about best quality pool tables.

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