Killerspin JET 200 Review

Killerspin JET 200 Review: Help You Choose

In this Killerspin JET 200 review, we highlight another best ping pong paddle on our lists. Killerspin has made the JET200 for giving players some executioner turns on the ball.

We wanna say in our Killerspin JET 200 review that ping pong isn’t just for experts and there are many individuals who are attempting it out of the blue and discovering it an exceptionally fun amusement to play. it is vital for apprentices to know which oar will be a decent beginning for them and they can move up to better quality ones after a little practice. you require a fledgling racket with a specific end goal to build up the right frame and the style that is required for you to progress as a player. when you’re an amateur you won’t comprehend what kind of oar to get, yet Killerspin felt free to compose the JET200 which is gone for learner ping-pong players that need to appreciate the amusement at its fullest.

In this way, as an apprentice, Killerspin Jet 200 table tennis racket would be ideal for you.

The blade is 5-handle wood, accompanies a 1.8mm wipe and measures 5.9mm thick for a racket that is tied in with conveying effective turn while keeping up firm control. This ping pong paddle is made with amazing elastic and offers an unfaltering play given its general strong development. The elastic is superb for enhancing your assault, while the five employs sharp edge upgrades reliable play. The elastic isn’t excessively tasteless however the JET200 has been worked for simply enough grasp to hold the ball for that brief moment affect and convey it back at your rival with speed and accuracy, particularly on topspin forehands. With regards to the handle sort, it’s a flared handle, so it ought to be ideal for everybody who is simply beginning with the amusement.

Weight insightful, the JET200 weighs between 175 grams and 185 grams and it has a rating of 8.5 for the handle, 7.0 for the turn and 6.0 for speed.

This ping pong paddle is forceful; however, the best part is that it’s evaluated moderately enough to let thriving players make the most of its favorable circumstances at a cost.

Killerspin has composed a really astonishing ping pong paddle that helps learner players appreciate the amusement, as well as gradually and definitely increment their expertise effortlessly.

Killerspin JET 200 Review

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In this Killerspin JET 200 review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features Of Killerspin JET 200

  • Top notch Table Tennis oar built for control
  • It has a 5-handle wood additional light edge
  • Accompanies an ergonomic flared handle for an unrivaled hold
  • Has a blue and dark mix of 1.8mm execution elastic
  • The Speed Ratings is 6.0
  • The Spin Ratings is 7.0
  • Control Ratings 8.5
  • 3-7/8-inch Flared Handle
  • 9 mm Blade Thickness
  • 5 Wood Plies
  • Incorporates memory book to record remarkable matches and enable your players to show signs of improvement
  • PVC side tape to help forestall part of side wood
  • Accompanies a 30-day constrained warranty

Other Features Of Killerspin JET 200

Practice and flawless your aptitudes

The Jet200 Ping Pong oar will enable you to hone your table tennis abilities. This present fledglings’ oar offers an extraordinary harmony amongst speed and control, and it can take you from a recreational player to a wild rival in a matter of moments. You’ve discovered the key to taking your table tennis amusement to the following level.

Perform in Style

Killerspin’s Jet200 paddle now comes in three distinct hues, ensured to fit everybody’s taste: Navy blue, Mocha, and Lime. Regardless of whether you are an aficionado of the light and windy look, or an exemplary wooden appearance, one of the new Jet200 oars will get your attention.

Killerspin’sexclusive JET arrangement is intended for aggressive amusements. It begins with JET100 and goes as far as possible up to JET800. JET100 is the most fundamental oar and reasonable for fledglings and recreational players while the JET800 is implied for genuine competitions. The Killerspin JET200 is, as the name recommends, one level over the JET100 and the second most essential oar in this collection. It has a 5-utilize wooden edge with two Jet Basic 1.8mm superior rubbers. It is the second least expensive oar in the premade JET arrangement.

Enhances Your Game

The Killerspin JET200 ping pong racket is the best accomplice for making the following move to enhance your amusement. The oar has adaptable PVC side tape for better security of the cutting edge against harms.

This ping pong paddle is ideal for the two amateurs and recreational players who need to control their shots. It’s not tied in with looking lovely! This oar offers great control and turns, notwithstanding a decent dosage of speed, helping you rapidly put the ball precisely where you arranged. It is an all-rounder oar that can be utilized by every new student.

It’s Finest At Durability

Made of 5 layers of strong wood with dependable rubbers, the JET200 is worked to address the issues of amateurs and recreational players. The cutting edge is 5.9mm thick and additional lightweight. The oar weighs 6.2 ounces. It has a flared 3-7/8-inch handle for an agreeable hold. The weight is dispersed uniformly all through the oar. This offers the played magnificent control over their shots. It conveys exactness shots with incredible consistency. The licensed blue and dark rubbers give the oar a tasteful downplayed look.

It incorporates a Memory Book and a little marker pen for you to record your past exhibitions, keep track of who’s winning and gather marks.

An Appropriate Present For Everybody

Being an apprentice’s racket, the rubbers are not exceptionally shabby or sticky. You can just expect a normal measure of turn from the JET200. In any case, it is extremely tried and true as far as ball situation as it gives the player splendid control over their shots. You’ve discovered the ideal present for all table tennis darlings out there. All Jet200 models arrive in a blessing box that matches the class of the oar itself. This blessing exemplifies all that we remain for: great gear finished with an immortal plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the blue elastic have short pip or long pip?

A: No pips on either side

Q: Does it have a ping pong case?

A: Doesn’t accompany a case, purchased independently.

Q: What amount does the oar weights?

A: The oar weights 0.5 lbs.

Q: Is any Difference between a JET300 and the JET200?

A: No enormous contrast.

Q: Is this item made in China?

A: Truly, it is made in China.


We will suggest in our Killerspin jet 200 review, The Killerspin Jet 200, exceedingly in the event that you are a learner or a recreational table tennis player and is searching for a strong, reasonable racket that offers awesome control. While the speed, turn and control rates are not as high as the higher end ones, they are ideal for individuals hoping to go to the following level in the diversion. Let us know about your opinion about our Killerspin jet 200 review.  To know more about ping pong paddle check our best ping pong paddle review.

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