Mizerak Donovan II Review

Mizerak Donovan II Review: Everything You Need To Know

Mizerak Donovan II Review all about The Mizerak Donovan 8-foot billiard table that has been intended to look similar as perfect and great as workable generally, with a splendid and splendid red fabric that separates it from most conventional tables.

Flawlessly composed, splendidly smooth and level, and built to a year ago and years – even after standard everyday play – there may not be a superior table than this one.

Built utilizing the most noteworthy end development materials accessible particularly in the event that you go for the slate pool table instead of the slatron write, which we would prescribe, every single strike will move genuinely when you play on this Mizerak pool table.

The Mizerak Donovan II 8′ Billiard Table has plate style leg levelers that can without much of a stretch be balanced for uneven floor surfaces. The table is ideal for medium to expansive spaces and measures somewhat more than 300 lbs. The table comes uninstalled and should be assembled up. Be that as it may, the drawback is that the table comes in around 427 pieces that should be fit together, along these lines establishment may be somewhat precarious.

The 3-5/8-inch rails have K66 nose elastic set up, giving you a considerably more reliable bounce back that you’ll have the capacity to depend on for quite a long time to come. It’s a major advantage that most other slate pool table alternatives at this value point basically don’t make accessible.

That is only one of the highlights that makes this Mizerak pool table so unique! Read our full Mizerak Donovan II Review to know more!

It is prescribed that one contract an expert to gather the table together as one wrong piece in a wrong space can give a great deal of trouble in the further strides of the establishment.

Mizerak Donovan II Review

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In this Mizerak Donovan II Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic features Of Mizerak Donovan II

  • Smooth, contemporary edge adds a curve to neo-customary outline
  • 3-5/8″ cover top rails with full profile K66 nose elastic – give uniform bounce back and predictable play
  • Red fleece mix material takes into account smooth roll and opposes wear
  • Metal edge, rails, and cover bureau include strength with a great search for any amusement room
  • Inside drop pockets with chrome corner tops make a cutting-edge outline
  • Fortified platform style legs with chrome levelers offer level and stable play on all floor surfaces
  • Accessible in Slate or Slatron
  • The plan of this 8-Foot billiard table is in tone with the cutting edge stylistic layout of contemporary homes
  • Some portion of the 8-footer families, this billiard table is perfect for rooms with medium and substantial space (13’8″x17’4″ at least)
  • Slate bed advances successful leveling capacities and solidness of the playing surface
  • The felt texture comprises of an inconceivably smooth fleece mix that allows the balls to roll quicker, limiting contact related deceleration
  • The full profile pads are produced using K66 standard elastic, which helps the consistency of the bounce back extensively
  • The table bundle additionally accompanies an arrangement of 2 sign sticks, a suite of pool balls, the triangle and, obviously, a lot of chalk
  • The bundle comprises of the gear and the 472 parts that you should gather in understanding the determinations of the direction manual or contact an expert
  • The producer’s guarantee for the Mizerak Billiard Table traverses more than 90 days

Another Features Of Mizerak Donovan II


Two genuine champion highlights that the mizerak donovan 8-foot billiard table offers – the steady playing surface you’ll appreciate on account of the slate or slatron surface and the reliable k66 nose elastic that offers Mizerak Donovan designunsurprising bounce back you can believe each time you play a bank shot.

The billiards tables slate surface is clearly the better and more precise surface to play on. The slatron is made of squeezed fiberboard material that is defenseless to warping. If you can bear the cost of it, improve dependability and strength. In spite of the fact that the slatron surface is sufficiently solid for the end of the week warriors that may play a touch of the pool once in a while.

Predominant railings and cushion

In billiards, the nature of the railings is similarly as noteworthy as that of the table best surface.

The mizerakdonovan ii has 3 5/8″ rails secured with k66 nose elastic that give reliable ball bounce back and make playing pool fun and energizing.

Mizerak Donovan slatronSlatron versus slate

Slatron is a man-made material involved gum fortified wood filaments. It has a glass-smooth surface that is 20 times denser than molecule load up (MDF). In spite of the fact that slatron is viewed as the most solid of engineered slates, its quality is far underneath that of genuine slate, as it tends to rot and twist after some time, causing protection when playing. Surface spills can quicken this procedure.

Accessible in the business standard slate configuration and an engineered composite, slatron table plays better and has a more exact surface when equipped with a slate bed. In case you’re willing to spend a couple of hundred more bucks, it’s justified regardless of the venture to buy a slate, be that as it may, in case you’re resolute about obtaining a lighter choice, read on to the mizerakslatron pool table survey beneath.

This tables metal edge and cover bureau guarantee a very long-time toughness regardless of which bed you pick. The slate surface is the better and more precise alternative, however, slatron is sufficiently solid for the end of the week warriors.


At 8 feet long, the mizerak donovan ii is perfect for medium to expansive spaces. The prescribed least room measure is 17′ l x 13.5′ w.

It measures more than 300 lbs. What’s more, has 427 pieces that must be fit together, in this way making get together and transportation a test.

The bundle incorporates two 57″ signals, an arrangement of billiard balls, a triangle, a brush, and 2 bits of chalk. In any case, it is marginally baffling that the blue chalk does not coordinate the table’s red fleece mix material.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the correct measurements of this table?

Answer: *31 1/4″H x 55″W x 99″L

Question: Can the felt be supplanted?

Answer: Truly it can and genuinely simple.

Question: What is the difference amongst slatron and slate?

Answer: The slate will never twist where the slatron may twist after time.

Question: Would you be able to create it?

Answer: No. The table is too overwhelming to be collapsed.

Question: Does it have ball return?

Answer: No. It just has interior drop pockets.

Question: Would it be able to be utilized outside?

Answer: It’s smarter to keep it inside, particularly in the event that you purchase the Slatron write in light of the fact that presenting it to a high moistness condition will cause twisting.


At last, after our Mizerak Donovan II Review, all we want to say, when it comes to Mizerak brand, you can trust.The brand you pick will influence the feel of your table, the predominance of the materials it’s developed from, and obviously how exact your gameplay is. The Donovan II furnishes the shopper with two-bed alternatives at an extraordinary value, it’ll be valued by those searching for some great home fun without the substantial cost and additional space. Its covered bureau makes the value preservationist, despite everything you get quality K-66 pads all around – in addition to it comes finish with every one of the assistants to escape. On the off chance that you need an individual pool table yet you likewise need to step up your playing knowledge, you should purchase the Mizerak Donovan II. this arrangement is a decent decision.

It has some powerless focuses such long and troublesome gathering and absence of ball return, however, its quality and execution are for the most part better than expected.

With appropriate care, you can most likely appreciate it with your family for a long time. How was our Mizerak Donovan II Review? Let us know what you think about our Mizerak Donovan II Review and don’t forget to check our best pool tables review article!

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