Mizerak Pool Table Review

Mizerak Pool Table Review: In Depth Review

In this Mizerak Pool Table Review article we are going to show you every single details about Mizerak Pool Table. Supposing that you adore sparing cash as much as you cherish playing pool, this table from Mizerak is the ideal decision for your home. Not exclusively will your spare cash, lightweight, transportability, and great quality, yet you’ll likewise spare space, as this is a 6.5-foot table. In the event that the littler size and sticker price distract you, you shouldn’t stress – the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5′ Billiard Table is an excellent table that gloats a significant number of the highlights you’ll discover on the costlier tables.

The entire thing weighs 293 lbs. We might want to pressure that the table is durable and can fulfill any accomplished player having a propensity to sit and even to lie on the table endeavoring to make an immaculate stroke. In the event that you need to level the playing surface, you may utilize the levelers in table’s legs. We trust it is additionally important to attract your consideration regarding cross backings between the table legs, which increment unbending nature and forestall wobbling of the table. Altogether, this table has a minimal size and will be a decent arrangement for any devotee of the pool amusement at an unobtrusive cost.

Mizerak Pool Table Review

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In this Mizerak Pool Table Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features Of Mizerak Pool Table

  • Fits in Smaller Rooms with 6.5′ Space Saver Design
  • Leg Levelers for Perfectly Even Playing Surface
  • Programmed Ball Return-Quickly Reset Games
  • Twofold Sealed MDF Play-Bed for Consistent Roll
  • Green Nylon Cloth for Classic Game Parlor Look
  • Incorporates 2 Cues, Set of Billiard Balls, Triangle, and Chalk (2)

Another Features Mizerak Pool Table


Versatile Design

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver design

Worked with a great competition style outline, this 6-foot pool table fits in any room, leaving a lot of additional space. Circle style leg levelers enable you to change the tallness of each side of the table for a flawlessly level playing surface notwithstanding when the floor is slanted. What’s more, since it just weighs between 150-200 pounds, this space saver table is sufficiently substantial to oppose tilting amid play, yet sufficiently light to be transported without requiring dismantling. Cross backings between the table legs increment the unbending nature of the table to counteract wobbling when inclined toward.

Outside Features

The dynasty includes a stylish bamboo bedding wood flooring outside that improves any stylistic theme and is outfitted with caps dark corner post for a customary touch. The 5.5-inch rails give the minimized protection from dependable recuperation and sparing your cash for nylon material texture is a flexible material that withstands focused close relatives play.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver toughness


This table is sufficiently little to fit in any room without fondling torments it excessively. This table likewise is in at around 150 to 200 pounds. That implies it is sufficiently expansive to withstand inclining from irregular knocks amid diversions and sufficiently light for advantageous transport starting with one room then onto the next with the assistance of a companion or two. Versatility implies accommodation.

Concerning quality, this 6.5ft billiard table is furnished with a play bed twofold fixed for ball move unwavering quality and lead with a great green nylon material texture to have that customary parlor look.

MDF playing Bed

This mizerak dynasty 6.5-foot table is accessible just with an MDF playing bed. MDF table is intended for use at home and are developed from lightweight materials that make them perfect for family utilize.

In case you’re thinking about an MDF table, contemplate that the pad reaction, material quality, and the construct quality won’t be near the top-notch level of a slate table. Notwithstanding, with a slate bed table, you can’t move the piece around. With an MDF table, you can anticipate that pool will be fun with the upside of being lightweight. Simply remember that you won’t get a remarkable same play reaction as you would from a slate bed table you’re accustomed to playing on in the bars.


To tribute this propelled level of playability, the mizerak billiard table is totally secured with rubber treated help to take into consideration a sharp recuperation without influencing the speed of your balls as they bounce off. At the point when your balls go into the openings, they are quickly accumulated by the programmed football return framework, which helps chop downtime generally lost on specifically gathering the balls from the gaps. This framework enables you to continue playing around with practically zero disturbance by any stretch of the imagination.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver ball return

Ball Return Framework

In accordance with the most recent highlights, the rail coordinated pockets on this model lead balls to the finish of the table for a ball return framework that makes resetting for another diversion speedy and simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Would I be able to utilize this billiard as a supper table?

Answer: No.It’s not.

Question: Is it slate top?

Answer: No, MDF.

Question: To what extent are the included Cues?

Answer: The sign length with this table is 57 inches. They are not shorter.

Question: Are the balls that accompanied this table the standard size?

Answer: They are the standard balls, 2 1/4.

Question: Is this table made of plywood?

Answer: indeed.

Question: Would you be able to utilize this table for outside?

Answer: No. it does not utilize outside.


Our Mizerak Pool Table Review ends here, Having a little rec room doesn’t need to squash your fantasies of owning a billiards table you can be glad for. The Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6 .5-foot Pool Table might be scaled back, however regardless it covers every one of the edges! With a little value point, this table is to a great extent thought about a toy and is perfect for youthful kids or players simply searching for some easygoing fun, not accuracy play.

The MDF play bed has been twofold fixed to enhance the sturdiness and the Bamboo overlaid external rails look extremely snappy. You will get one arrangement of balls, 2 signs, a brush and a triangle to begin. Since the table isn’t the best for proficient play, this table will be incredible for having a great time with your loved ones.

The warrant is more constrained and the life of the table is fleeting. MDF tops can likewise twist or droop, swell and lump if presented to dampness or set in a high mugginess region. By and large, this is an extremely strong pool table for both aggressive and recreational purposes. Wearing a sturdy nylon surface, it’s intended to last finished forever and a day of substantial utilize. It might be somewhat costly, yet it’s very justified regardless of its cost. We hope you enjoyed our Mizerak Pool Table Review. Let us know your opinion about our Mizerak Pool Table Review and don’t forget to check our best pool tables review.

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