Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review: Complete Review

In Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review we are gonna say about Stiga, Stiga is no ifs, and’s or buts one of the main ping pong table producers, and also Sports Craft tables and this isn’t something we quite recently made up, it is the thing that its numerous purchasers have said.

The Stiga Advantage table is one extraordinary section mid-table. Coming nearly pre-collected, this table will actually take you up to 10 minutes to set up, yet that is a long way from the whoop dee doo!

On the off chance that you see yourself as no less than a middle of the road player and you’re hoping to enter the universe of rivalries, at that point you should convey your diversion to the following level with a decent table!

This outline includes a thicker-than-normal table best which measures 5/8″. It’s likewise simple to move around since it is made out of two parts, each of which includes wheels with lockable casters. To enable you to take in more of this table. We have provided all the information about Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table in this Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga advantage table tennis table review

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In this Stiga advantage table tennis table review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion


Basic Features Of Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table

  • For indoor use
  • 9 feet long by 5 feet wide, 2 feet 6 inches high
  • An 8-inch thickness of playing surface
  • Blue color of playing surface
  • 5-inch steel apron
  • Legs are 1.5-inch square steel with self-opening function
  • Eight 3-inch black caster wheels with locks
  • Independent chassis design undercarriage
  • 95% preassembled
  • Regular net ant posts set supplied
  • 190 pounds weight


Another feature Of Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table


Table Top

We found The main shortcoming in our Stiga advantage table tennis table review of this table is the thickness of the playing surface. 16mm is on the slenderer side of tables and all things considered you can anticipate that the ball will be somewhat moderate and do not have a portion of the tallness of bob you would see on a thicker table.

I jabber more about the significance of table thickness in my complete article The Best Table Tennis Tables, in any case, to put it plainly, rivalry tables are 25mm thick and you truly require a table to be 19mm thick keeping in mind the end goal to get a “respectable” ricochet.

In the event that you are recently searching for a table to use for a touch of fun, recreational table tennis, and perhaps a touch of preparing all over, at that point getting the Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table would be a decent decision. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are accustomed to playing on “appropriate” tables, or anticipating figuring out how to play table tennis at a club or maybe playing aggressively, at that point a 16mm table won’t meet your gauges.

First class Undercarriage

The 3-inch lockable casters on this table enable it to emerge. With their size being bigger than ordinary – wheeling the table around for setup and capacity is a breeze.

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table combined with the zero gravity adjust innovation, enables the table to be amassed and secured in 10 minutes. When you bolt the undercarriage, the table feels like it is made of one strong piece, which could trick a few people since it is really held together by a catch on the net line.

This table, definitely, is a strong decision for you. The powerful development, saying something near 180 lbs.and surface complete like Stiga’s top of the line outlines is nothing to joke about. The zero gravity adjust influences it to feel weightless when gathering or preparing to stash and we feel is an extraordinary component of this table.


 Proficient NetStiga advantage table tennis table net

One of the things that truly bugs us about a great deal of table tennis tables is the point at which you pay better than average cash for a table and after that, they furnish you with a futile net!

Stiga haven’t cheeped out on the net and give an expert spec heavyweight cinch net and post set with the Advantage table. A net of this quality would most likely cost you $30-40 all alone and we are truly satisfied to see it incorporated into the bundle.


Transportable and storageStiga advantage table tennis table storage

It outlines with convenient or collapsing limit. Overlay up office causes a client to store his or her ping pong table in a small or leased space. In the present market, you can see most extreme table tennis or ping pong table are plan with overlap up or compact office. However, all don’t give legitimate collapsing execution. So, you need to discover such sort of table which can give you a smooth vibe while collapsing your table tennis table.



Security componentStiga advantage table tennis table lock

A decent quality table tennis table must be appropriate strong structure, and it can take enough weight. Another critical wellbeing highlight is security bolt framework. this table can proceed onward its four-wheel leg. STIGA can outline a bolt framework for bolt the when for ceasing the development. You can likewise bolt the table while collapsing up position.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this table work well on carpet?

Answer: Ours isn’t on the cover, however, I figure it would work fine on a cover. There are four wheels and two legs on every half. The wheels can be bolted and it doesn’t give the idea that the legs would catch on the cover.

Question: can this be stored in a 3-season room without warping?

Answer: This is our first year, yet we have our own in a Florida room, encased. We do live in Florida, likewise, our sliders are interested in the house.

Question: What is the tabletop made of?

Answer: It looks to me like press-board. There is metal supporting under the edges. The best surface is great, smooth. Everything appears to be very tough. Have delighted in playing on it up until this point, no issues. Have not endeavored to crease it up yet, but rather that seems to be really clear.

Question: how much does it weigh?

Answer: Not certain, you’ll likely need somebody to enable you to assemble it, yet once it’s collected, one individual can without much of a stretch move it.



In the of our Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review, we’re gonna say there is plainly a considerable measure to love with this model and the abundance of positive remarks, and non-appearance of negative ones implies that it is unimaginable not to prescribe this item to other imminent purchasers.

Table tennis or ping pong table is the most well-known amusement in the current prevalent diversion positioning. A large number of individuals attempt to mastermind competition or cordial match in their home. Thus, indoor table tennis table’s request can go quite high. You can discover heaps of option in the market. Be that as it may, all are not giving you proficient gaming background. So, I can suggest this STIGA advantage table tennis table. You can get it at a moderate cost, and it likewise included with all astonishing office what you want from a table tennis table. So what do you think about the Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review? Interested in reading more reviews about ping pong tables? Check our Best Ping-Pong Tables Reviews

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