Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Stiga Pro Carbon Review: Benefits And Buying Guide

You always want to increase your playing level up, and it’s obvious, so we bring our one of the best ping pong paddle in our Stiga pro carbon review, The STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket.

The Stiga Pro Carbon highlights two layers of elite carbon coordinated into the sharp edge enhancing unbending nature and reaction, which brings about expanded speed and power. Nano Composite Technology makes more grounded and more tightly bonds in the elastic that expansion speed and turn. The ACS Numerous infinitesimal air containers in an ultralight elastic enable rapid to be joined with most extreme versatility and exceptional control.

On the off chance that you are overhauling from a less expensive, bring down quality oar at that point, you will truly be content with this one. It is a heavenly pre-made racket to have before proceeding onward to the following level uniquely crafted rackets. It might require some investment to get accustomed to it, yet once you do, it will without a doubt win you more recreations.

pre-made oars aren’t too awful in the wake of playing with the Stiga Pro Carbon and in our Stiga pro carbon review we prescribe this paddle to anybody simply getting into table tennis, it’s decent not worrying about picking rubbers and sharp edges.

STIGA is a Swedish organization that has been making table tennis items since 1944. They are a high-respectability organization that stands behind their items and I would not delay purchasing items from them.

Stiga pro carbon review

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In this Stiga pro carbon review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Features Of Stiga pro carbon

  • Stiga S5 2.0mm on the two sides ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Highlights Carbon Technology for Power and Speed
  • Speed Execution Rating is 99, Spin Speed Execution Rating is 100 and Control Speed Execution Rating is 80
  • 7 Ply lightweight sharp edge with 2 layers of Carbon
  • Flared handle with WRB innovation
  • 1 Slightly cheap Crudeness
  • 5 Lightweight to Medium
  • This Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis racket is an all-around adjusted sharp edge with superb control for precision and unwavering quality of short positions on the table. It is proposed the cutting edge is perfect for cutting-edge players where it can give quicker speed to their turning circles.

Other Features Of Stiga pro carbon

Carbon layer innovationstiga pro carbon

The STIGA genius carbon ping pong or table tennis racket has two layers of elite carbon are fused into the sharp edge, enhancing strictness and reaction, which result in expanded power and speed. You can make the most of your amusement on the off chance that you can hit the ball accurately and get the ball in satisfactory planning. Both side plans with two separate hues, one is red, and one is dark.

Nano Composite Technology

The Nanocomposite in the Stiga Pro Carbon makes Stronger and more tightly bonds in the elastic to build speed and turn.

Balsa Technology

Has an Ultra lightweight balsa wood focus utilize enables increment to speed and response time.

Rubber Approved by ITTF

STIGA Pro Carbon’s rubber is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved for tournament-level performance. The various minute air-cases in an ultralight elastic enables rapid to be joined with most extreme versatility and extraordinary control.

Weight Balance

The adjusting of the cutting edge is moved to the point of contact with the ball.

Rate of Recovery

The reduction in sharp edge weight enhances the rate of recuperation after each stroke.

Ball Sensitivity

The deliberately situated break in the handle gives additional affectability of touch.

Precious stone Technology

STIGA’s one of a kind procedure that solidifies the surface of the cutting edge, therefore expanding its speed.

WRB Weight Balance

The adjusting of the sharp edge is moved to the point of contact with the ball.

The Paddle’s Blade and Rubber

A bigger sweet spot was given to the oar by the carbon layers. Which is the perfect zone on the oar that can produce the most turn and convey the most power through the ball? Not at all like standard wood handle paddles, the carbon layers give the Pro Carbon more turn and power as well as a more extensive region to produce it. This won’t be instantly discernible, but rather in the wake of acclimating to the oar numerous players see the expanded sweet spot and can produce more power and turn on their profits.

STIGA highlights their Premium elastic on the Pro Carbon that is great and is similar that is offered in the STIGA Evolution. Additionally, the handle is fundamentally the same as the Evolution and other STIGA paddles. This useful for players originating from other STIGA paddles; they should feel comfortable holding the Pro Carbon.

For players with a forceful playing style that comprises of circle strokes with heaps of topspin, the STIGA Pro Carbon may simply be the ideal oar. The carbon utilizes are likewise lighter than wood enabling the Pro Carbon sharp edge to have more layers without adding critical weight to the oar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the thing Sweden made?

A: Stiga paddles are made in China.

Q: Is this accessible in STRAIGHT OR ANATOMIC HANDLE?

A: Sadly, this racket is just accessible with the Concave Pro handle.

Q: Would you be able to change the elastic on this oar?

A: In the event that you need, yet then you should purchase a superior sharp edge and elastic independently.

Q: Does this racket accompany a cover?

A: Shockingly, this racket does not accompany a cover.

Q: Does it accompany balls?

A: No, it doesn’t. They are sold independently.

Q: Is this racket substantial?

A: No. It isn’t substantial.


At the conclusion of our Stiga Pro Carbon Review, We will say The Stiga Pro Carbon is an exceptional racket that is made of brilliant materials, plan for the middle of the road to cutting edge players. this oar was extremely amusing to play with and suited my style a considerable measure superior to other hostile sharp edges. It has a to a great degree inflexible sharp edge, awesome stickiness and extremely agreeable handle. The value point on this oar is entirely exact and I would prescribe this to individuals simply getting into aggressive table tennis as it includes better than average elastic, and some carbon handles.

The thing we enjoyed about this was the carbon employs didn’t make it difficult to control the ball and that it was exceptionally lenient contrasted with some other carbon sharp edges. It suits a player.

you should invest some energy to turn out a network of your style of play and afterward attempt to discover an oar that fit your playing style. In the event that you think this Stiga isn’t right for you, there are as yet numerous other table tennis bats being talked about in this site, you may read and locate the correct one that best suit your playing style. Here is the best ping pong paddle review to help you. Let us know what do you think about our Stiga Pro Carbon Review by contacting us.

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