Stiga Supreme Review

Stiga Supreme Review: Quality Explained

To fulfill your need and take care of your likings Stiga bring for you many different types of ping pong paddles, Stiga Supreme is one of them. We will explain everything in this Stiga supreme review about the Stiga supreme. The best thing about Stiga is while creating distinctive lines of items that range from costly to modest; it never bargains on quality.

The Stiga Supreme accompanies a 2mm wipe, 6-employ additional light edge with tube innovation, and Stiga’s interesting Crystal Technology that solidifies the surface of the sharp edge bringing about expanded speed.

The racket has Stiga’s Future rubber stuck to the super lightweight 6-handle cutting edge in a reversed manner. This implies the pimpled side of the elastic is stuck to whatever is left of the oar and smooth side is the thing that contacts the ball. It is an executive level ping pong paddle with ITTF affirmed elastic. A similar nature of elastic is utilized at competition levels also.The Supreme is greatly lightweight and at just 4.6 ounces and this is exceptionally observable for players that are utilized to heavier oars.

Quality at a moderate cost is something we generally favor, and thus, we are a colossal fanatic of the Supreme Table Tennis Racket. It comes at an exceptionally focused cost, yet they improve than a large portion of the rackets in this value run.

Stiga made this ping pong paddle for beginner players who have begun quitting any and all funny business about their diversion. It is a balanced bat with normal execution. The Stiga Supreme is the third quickest premade racket by Stiga with the Evolution and Pro Carbon before it.

In our Stiga Supreme Review, we will say about the Stiga which is a Swedish association that has been making table tennis things since 1944. They are a high-respectability association that stands behind their things and we would not defer acquiring things from them.Stiga is a fantastic brand with numerous times of understanding of serving the clients with their first-rate items.

STIGA Supreme review

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In this Stiga supreme review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features Of Stiga Supreme

  • Execution Level Table Tennis Racket
  • ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play
  • Highlights STIGA ACS for Control and Speed
  • Speed Execution Rating is 90, Spin Execution Rating is 92, Control Execution Rating is 89.
  • *6-Ply Extra Light Blade
  • Future Inverted Rubber
  • it has 2mm Sponge

Other Features Of Stiga Supreme

StructureStiga Supreme down

The racket is outfitted with 2mm of wipe stuck on 6-employ additional light cutting edge improved with the organization’s exceptional advances. It likewise has Stiga’s future elastic glued in an upset form. The spiked or pimpled side is stuck to the surface while the smoother side is outward. The elastic is likewise affirmed by international table tennis federation (ITTF) to furnish you with that competition level execution and gameplay.


Stiga’s interesting advancements incorporate Stiga tube and Stiga crystal which solidify the oar’s surface and contribute to enhanced velocities. Stiga tube innovation depends on the oar’s focal facade which experiences treatment with the organization’s best in class edge creating a machine to take a shot at the microchannel lengthways in the mid-play of the edge. The crystal technology additionally solidifies the sharp edge and aides in creating brisk shots.

ACS innovation

The racket likewise includes Stiga ACS for extra control and speed. ACS innovation depends on various tiny air containers inside the ultralight elastic. These air cases make your shots quick and offer most extreme versatility and better solidness. The execution rating of this racket is 90 for speed, 92 for the turn and 89 for control. These scores let you know, this ping pong paddle is the correct alternative to pick on the off chance that you are sharpening your abilities to turn the ball and be quick on your shots also.


The racket is especially lightweight since it just weighs five pounds. In the event that you are utilized to substantial oars, at that point you will instantly feel the distinction as we thought it when we grasped it. The softness of the oar guarantees that it turns into the augmentation of your arm and turn into the piece of your hand which contributes monstrously to astounding parity and control. The lessening in the heaviness of the sharp edge guarantees your recuperation rate is better after each shot you play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this accompany a cover?

A: No, it was stuffed in a hard-plastic bundle. you requested it independently.

Q: Is this penholder or shakehand?

A: Shakehand. The handle is a mix of straight.

Q: Is the handle for this oar flared or anatomic?

A: The handle is Anatomic Italian composite with WRB framework.

Q: At the point when the elastic destroys, is it conceivable to peel it off and supplant it with another?

A: Indeed, it is conceivable. On the off chance that you are watchful with it, it can keep going quite a while.

Q: What is the model for the elastic on each side?

A: There is no model number by any stretch of the imagination. it has a FUTURE elastic on each side. one dark one red. The oar is light, adaptable, and simple to control.

Q: Is there any guarantee on the oar?

A: No guarantee. As a semi-proficient, this racket weight is impeccable to expand control hand speed.


Finally, in our Stiga Supreme Review, We will say, Stiga Supreme is without a doubt a fantastic ping pong paddle. It offers a harmony amongst quality and affordability. TheStiga Supreme Table Tennis Racket is intended for a protective layer as the main priority. The 2-millimeter wipe furnishes awesome guarded counters with solid circles and extraordinary control. The oar was not intended for a hostile player. It doesn’t give you much turn, however, makes power and speed in your shots. On the off chance that you have a hostile playing style concentrated on crushes and turn, this oar is likely not for you.

The lightweight sharp edge contributes vigorously towards the recuperation rate after your shots.

In the event that you are hoping to take a shot at your abilities, at that point there is no preferred racket over Stiga Supreme. At the cost, it’s not awful for a moderate or amateur table tennis player. Its elastic is somewhat off the graphs since it won’t be exceptionally productive in the event that you are hoping to enhance your game. If you are a genuine halfway or master ping-pong player, you ought not to buy this oar. With your aptitude level, this oar won’t perform up to your desires.In any case, you can change the elastic at whatever point you need to take your diversion up a couple of indents. Check our best ping pong paddle review to know more options. Don’t forget to let us know about Stiga Supreme Review by contacting us.

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