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Stiga Titan Review: Cheap And Sexy

It’s so tough to select a best ping pong paddle from many leading brands. and in this Stiga Titan Review, we give another best ping pong paddle to help you select the perfect one. Stiga Titan Table tennis racket has taken place in our best ping pong table’s lists.

This Stiga Titan accompanies 2mm “Stiga Stream” ITTF endorsed reversed rubbers combined with a 5-employ lightweight sharp edge. As this racket is gone for tenderfoot players it concentrates more on control and method, instead of energy.

In This Stiga Titan Review, we found one of the more critical things in table tennis is the capacity to peruse approaching twists and afterward having the capacity to counter it as indicated by the circumstance. The expanded hold on the Stiga Titan permits better control of twists and is useful for building the right establishment.

The wipe on this racket is extremely the main drawback we can see. However, as it is intended for amateurs and concentrates on speed and turn we don’t see the middle of the road or master players getting it. On the off chance that crushing is a major piece of your amusement, this won’t be the racket for you.

In general, the Stiga Titan is a better than average beginning racket and won’t set you back that much in cost. It would be a strong decision notwithstanding the wipe it. Being a fledgling racket, you can’t expect much from it. On the off chance that you are considering quitting any and all funny business with table tennis perhaps going for the Stiga Titan isn’t an extraordinary decision as you will require a substitution racket in a matter of moments.

Stiga Titan Review

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In this Stiga Titan Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Feature Of Stiga Titan

  • Execution Level Table Tennis Racket
  • The rearranged 2mm wipe elastic enhances the turn.
  • The Inverted Rubber is affirmed by ITTF for competition level-execution
  • Gem Technology Hardens Blade for Increased Speed
  • Execution Ratings-Speed: 80 Spin: 77 Control: 82
  • 5-employ Extra Light Blade, 2mm Sponge, Concave Italian Composite Handle
  • Arrives gathered
  • Cheap

Other Features Of Stiga Titan


Stiga Titan DesignSTIGA Titan paddle is ideal for speed and turn. It has 2 mm transformed elastic wipe which is stuck to a 5-utilize additional light sharp edge for the best effectiveness.

Execution rating of the STIGA Titan paddle altogether is 239. The speed of the oar is 80, the turn is 77, and the control is 82. It’s really adjusted oar which likewise implies you will have the capacity to alter you’re playing style to the oar.

From forceful players who most need the turn and speed, to the protective players who will require great control, everybody will profit from this oar. A curved Italian composite handle will give you the hold expected to deal with the oar and a lot of solaces. Since the entire oar is lightweight, the handle is too.

The STIGA Titan paddle weighs just 0.35 pounds.

Crystal Technology

STIGA is extremely outstanding brand and they are continually enhancing their procedures to address the issues of the players at the most elevated expertise levels.

TheStiga Titan has a precious stone innovation which utilizes a straightforward hydrophilic gel veneer that STIGA extraordinarily created.

Precious stone innovation is simply one more STIGA’s interesting method for making ping pong paddles. Precious stone innovation influences the edge to surface to be hard and firm. These aides in expanding the speed at which the ball deflects of the racket.

Balsa Technology

Balsa is simply one more innovation which is utilized by STIGA. This racket is endorsed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) for competition level-execution.

Balsa innovation is an ultra-lightweight focus utilize that decreases the weight of the racket and enables increment to speed and response time. Titan table tennis racket just weighs 0.35 pounds, which is ideal for fledgling players and furthermore for kids.

Ball Sensitivity

The break is decisively and it’s deliberately situated so the handle gives additional affectability on each touch with the ball.

created with concentrate on the weight adjust the rate and ball affectability considers quicker recuperation and longer play. The blend of control and ideal versatility credits to the likelihood of playing with fast.

ITTF Approved Rubber

STIGA Titan paddle has elastic which is affirmed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) which implies that this oar can be utilized for the competition level execution.

The Nanocomposite innovation makes for more tightly bonds in the elastic in this manner expanding the speed and turn.

ACS Technology

ACS makes it feasible for players to play for rapid. This innovation is a mix of greatest versatility and extraordinary control.

Tube Technology

Tube innovation utilizes a center facade that has experienced a progressive treatment expanding velocity and power without yielding feeling and control.

Weight Balance

Weight adjust is only one of the numerous advances STIGA employments. WRB joins weight to adjust the rate, rate of recuperation and ball affectability. It enables you to recoup speedier and play longer.

It builds the ball’s speed and furthermore gives more control over the ball.

Rate of Recovery

A rate of recuperation is something that happens consequently to each player.

When you hit the ball, after each stroke, you have to recoup your oar to the impartial position, so you can hit the ball again wherever it is.

This oar has an extraordinary rate of recuperation on account of its lightweight, which will make your plays simpler and quicker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the two sides of various hues?

A: All rackets are that way. It is standard.

Q: Does this oar have a similar wipe surface on the two sides?

A: Indeed, it does.

Q: Does it accompany a case?

A: It doesn’t accompany a case.

Q: What is the length of the handle?

A: It is 4 creeps from the base of the cushion to the finish of the handle. Just around 3 1/4 inches is greppable however as some of it is on the substance of the oar.

Q: Is it shakehand style or penhold style?

A: The handle is recorded as sunken Italian composite; however, it is viewed as a flared handle, not penhold.

Q: What’s the heaviness of this oar?

A: It measures a large portion of a pound.


At the conclusion of our Stiga Titan Review, We will say about STIGA Titan which is an extraordinary oar for everybody, regardless of in case you’re just beginning to quit fooling around with ping pong or you’re a greater amount of a progressed or moderate player.

it’s an extraordinary oar at the cost you pay.

Stiga Titan can give an aggregate excitement to both your loved ones which constantly needed to play table tennis in your past time.

All STIGA ace arrangement rackets are produced through an escalated look into improvement and testing process that incorporates a large number of the best table tennis players on the planet, this is of no special case for STIGA Titan. The rigorous process of assembling the racket guarantees an ideal adjust of value materials, sound innovation and talented workmanship in enhancing its execution. All the innovation which is utilized, for example, precious stone innovation, WRB innovation, weight adjust, a rate of recuperation, ball affectability, and the carbon material is essentially astonishing.

You should purchase this oar on the off chance that you need a reasonable Table Tennis racket that won’t fall apart rapidly and has great turn control.

By choosing STIGA Titan which can be the racket intended to fit your level of play you will have the capacity to keep on improving your table tennis abilities.

We would very prescribe this oar to everybody in this Stiga Titan Review, as it’s made to suit diverse playing styles and ability levels. Check our best ping pong paddle review to know about the best paddles. Let us know if we miss anything in our Stiga Titan Review by contacting us.

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