STIGA Vapor Review

STIGA Vapor Review: Complete Guide

STIGA Vapor Review is all about the STIGA Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Vapor which is a champion among the most sensible outdoors table tennis tables around. It isn’t a resistance audit bit of equipment by any reach out of the inventive capacity, yet is magnificently sensible for playing accommodating entertainments of ping pong with family and colleagues.

This ping pong table with blue top and the aluminum plastic composite casing has various intriguing highlights, for example, the vehicle haggles tilting activity, and resembles a solid, dependable model.

Stiga gives you weatherproof, rustproof, versatile, steady and tough table. That’s why this table is merged with aluminum-plastic that doesn’t reshape and vanish.

Therefore, it keeps going long against un-expected and climate condition. This is firmly outfitted with rust proof powder covering with the metal undercarriage.

This Stiga Vapor table tennis table has steel legs with leg levelers to help any outdoor or indoor place and vaunted with against tilting cheerful readiness to enhance the bounce and playing knowledge.

Before getting into more details of the Stiga Vapor Review let me ask you, are you looking for a complete guide of STIGA Outdoor Table Tennis Table? If yes then this Stiga Vapor Review is the perfect solution for you

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In this STIGA Vapor Review, we will be highlighting the following factors…

  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Basic Features Of  Stiga Vapor 

  • 6mm high playing shoal covered with blue paint and silk-screen with white tournament line
  • It has 0.75-inch ball bearing wheel. It works like trolley with a locking system to give self-confidence and comfortable movement
  • It Includes things, 1.5-inch steel apron, outdoor net, clamp set
  • It installation takes just a minute
  • Pre-assembled almost 90 percent
  • This ping pong table dimension is 107.87 L x 60 W x 29.92 H inches
  • 28 L x 60 W x 62 H inches is Playback position’s dimension
  • 5 inches in Width of steel legs
  • 30mm Leg levelers
  • 140 pounds weight of this table tennis table

Another Features Of Stiga Vapor


The undercarriage is control covered to shield from the dampness thus the casing is rust proof.

The playing surface of the ping pong table is secured by a 6-mm thick aluminum plastic surface. This thin layer serves to keep the table from distorting because of presentation to extraordinary temperatures or introduction to coordinate daylight.

Indeed, even the white paint to demonstrate the limits of the playing field on the table best have been silk-screened. This procedure keeps the white lines on the best from blurring after some time in spite of being forgotten in the sun throughout the day.

Simple Assembly and Storage

STIGA makes ping pong tables that are anything but difficult to collect and commentators are not whining! The STIGA Vapor takes roughly 15 minutes to gather.

You practically simply join the wheels to the legs, flip the table over, including the net, snatch an accomplice and play. The net is anything but difficult to make sense of as well; it has a few braces which connect it to the ping pong table.

Like most ping pong tables, the STIGA Vapor likewise comes in two parts. This makes set up less demanding as you’re just investing push to move a large portion of a table at an energy, rather than an entire table. Capacity is significantly more helpful as well, as the STIGA ping pong table overlays up a minimalistic ally with the goal that it takes up negligible storage room.

Intended to be an outdoor ping pong table, the Vapor will even now hold its own when left outside in terrible climate. Nonetheless, to keep up the outstanding craftsmanship and draw out your ping pong table’s life expectancy, you may even now need to put resources into a ping-pong table cover.


STIGA Outdoor Table Tennis Table compactEvery 50% of the table accompanies haggles wheels move along pleasantly over the ground, making for simple transportation. The casters likewise have locks to bolt the wheels to avert sliding while the ping pong table is being used or being put away.

Locking components are additionally accessible on the underside of every 50% of the table to give greater strength while putting away or transporting your ping pong table.

Additionally, moving portion of a table at any given moment rather than an entire table makes it a great deal simpler. Most entryways won’t be sufficiently huge to oblige a full measured ping pong table – unless it will live for all time in your carport.



Play anyplace and whenever with the STIGA ping pong table. The two parts can be improved so you can play without anyone else on the off chance that you don’t have an accomplice.

The table legs have customizable levelers on them so if the ground on which the ping pong table is remaining on isn’t level, this can be effortlessly helped.



The Stiga is secured for all way of components that can be tossed at it. Rain, sun and furthermore wind. Made with steel legs, these legs are tough and enable the ping pong to stay upright even in the solid breeze.

1.5-inch steel smock keeps running along the edge of the table best, giving additional help.

While the ping pong table may, in any case, be flipped over into a great degree solid breeze because of overbalancing, the quality of the materials used to plan the STIGA outside ping pong table implies that it will be probably not going to scratch.


Playing Experience

StigaVapor table tennis table sidePlaying on the Stiga Vapor Outdoor Table, you will see how tough and strong the edge feels. This is an extraordinary contrast when contrasted and all the more inexpensively made tables that wobble and twist amid more forceful amusements. The greatest drawback of the Stiga Vapor is the nature of the ricochet. Like any other outdoor tables, similar things that influence an aluminum composite playing to surface climate safe additionally influence the skip to feel not quite the same as the conventional MDF material on indoor-just tables. While the Stiga Vapor doesn’t feel any more awful than most mid-run outside tables, it surely takes some acclimating to get used to.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: In playback mode how do the 2 table sections stay together?

Answer: Fold up 1 side and wheel alongside level side and bolt the wheels. Mount the net on the level side.

Question: Once stored, can it be set up by one person?

Answer: Yes, the table can be effortlessly set up by one individual. You can set it up inside two or three minutes.

Question: Does anyone know the difference between the STIGA vapor and the STIGA XTR? seem very similar.

Answer: Yes, the two tables share similar qualities. General dependable guideline for table tennis tops is the thicker the best the better the bob. Since the two tables highlight a similar thickness on the tops you want such a great amount of distinction in diversion play.

Question: Does it arrive with the table panels separate from the legs? I want this for our basement which has a very small door opening.

Answer: You don’t need to stress over the legs since they are collapsed into the table itself. The size you need to stress over is pondering the estimations for half of a level ping-pong table.



So how was our STIGA Vapor Review?

Finally, in our STIGA Vapor Review, we are gonna say STIGA strives to guarantee every one of their tables is of a high caliber and the Vapor outside ping pong table is no exemption.

The STIGA Vapor outdoor ping pong table is a strong and weatherproof ping pong table at a decent esteem point.

It is the ideal table for a recreational player who appreciates playing outside, however not for a progressed or focused player since the skip quality isn’t totally eminent.

The additional sturdiness parts of this STIGA ping pong table guarantees you and your family will appreciate innumerable recreations on the outside. It’s an awesome expansion to any outdoor gathering and its weatherproofed highlights guarantee your ping pong table will see many gatherings throughout the years. See our best ping pong tables reviews for more ping pong tables reviews

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